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Join a new generation of dentists offering a uniquely proactive approach to optimal dental health.

Why the Optimal Model Program

If you want to achieve greater success in every aspect of your career, Dentistry’s Optimal Model will transform your practice and offer your patients a life-changing approach to dental care.

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No need to travel. Fits your schedule and your pace.Complete online training supported by a team of Optimal Model experts.

Success Stories

"…The optimal model provides the foundation for long lasting results for our patients. It also addresses the causes of problems and not just its effects, which is vastly different than what traditional dentistry entails or what’s taught in dental schools. The optimal model has changed the way I view and practice dentistry for the better…"

– Dr. Zane Broome

"The relationship I've developed with Dan O'Rourke has changed my life and practice forever. I feel it has allowed me to take my practice to the next level and excel by his knowledge and experience. Simply put, Dan is a critical member of my team and I wouldn't want to practice without him."

– Dr. James Segulyev

"I have had the privilege of getting to know Dan over the past few years, and we have become good friends through dentistry. Dan has always been there to answer my questions about the Optimal Model, and his knowledge and desire to share it has always let me know that I'm in the right place."

– Dr. Paul Sheils

"In the years that I have known Dan, he has been a wonderful mentor and coach, both in life and in learning Dentistry's Optimal Model. When you become a student, you are a student for life, and the support you receive is fantastic. I know I'm in a family of caring, loving people."

– Dr. Cristin Lewis

Expert Support

Learn on your own, but not alone. From our highly experienced founder to our team of proven experts, we are here to help you be successful.

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Without the added complications of required travel time and out-of-office costs, our pricing structure is designed to allow more dentists to engage this life-changing approach to dentistry.

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